Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23rd Reunited!

We had a wonderful time in Mexico, but Noah was never far from our thoughts.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful!

We are happy to report that Noah was a VERY good boy for Grandma and Papa. He only woke up once at night for bottles. They heard him say Mama, Dada and he even started to wave to them! James and I were so happy to see Noah we couldn't help but wake him to kiss and squeeze him even though it was very late.
Papa did a great job of taking pictures everyday for us so that I could go back and update the blog. Thanks again Grandma and Papa!

And now for today's pictures:

Noah likes the Maracas we brought him:

Whole family crawling practice time:

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  1. Welcome home James & Karen!!
    We really enjoyed the time we spent with "No".
    His visit really reminded us of how lucky we are to have the "special" grand children we have.
    Really a GREAT week, can't wait to have "all" the grandkids at once (maybe the Rollins lake camping trip!)
    I LOVE the family crawl session photo! We had so much fun working on the "crawl", it was fun to see your session.
    Glad you had fun in Mexico, and happy that Noah is now with his momma & dadda, but miss the excitement he brought to our "regular daiy schedule".

    papa & grandma