Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31st Professional stander

Noah is becoming quite a pro at standing. He pulls up on anything he can and he thinks it's so funny. James lowered his crib (at 3am last night because he wasn't home before Noah went to bed and when Noah woke up for a midnight binkie replacement he decided it would be much more fun to play the stand up/parent lay me back down again game until James adjusted his bed.)
Although frustrating while bleary eyed, its actually pretty funny and endearing. For some reason Noah really gets a kick out of being laid down after standing. He lays down with binkie and lovie, his eyes get heavy and he looks all comfy; but the minute you take your hand off of him he smiles around the binkie, flips over to his tummy super fast and laughs while he scrambles up to stand. He must have repeated that over 50 times between yesterday's nap failure and during the middle of the night last night. Stinker! But now that his crib is lowered, standing in his crib doesn't seem as much fun (aka dangerous) so hopefully that game will stop. Knock on wood.....

These pictures crack me up. Normally he doesn't have a problem pulling his feet in closer together but tonight he just stood there this way, with his little thighs shaking. I just love him so much.

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