Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sept 3rd ZzzzZZZzzzz

Noah "fell" asleep in a silly way for his nap again today.

I have obviously been slacking on the blog recently for a number of reasons.
I was tired and going to bed when Noah was during the first trimester, but thankfully that seems to have passed. (Side note: I'm 16 weeks now, when did that happen?!)
Since going back into the classroom full time I have precious few hours between picking up Noah from Grandma's and his bedtime; I don't always remember to grab a camera during that time.
And especially the last few days with this wicked cold Noah and I both have, we have been sleeping like crazy! Noah and I both went to bed at 6:30 Thursday night, and he didn't get up until 8:30!
Lastly, the blog site I use has been ridiculously slow for adding posts lately. After two or three failed attempts at uploading pictures it ends up taking 10x as long as it did before. Annoying, and hopefully Blogger gets their act together soon.
So basically, the blog has not been getting done every day, but hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it everyday from here on out.

In other Noah news, his third top tooth has come through. There is another top and two bottom teeth not far behind!

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