Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 20th 15 Months/Thanksgiving

Noah is 15 months old today!
Still not walking without holding on to something. But he is learning lots of new words lately. He knows how to say:
Mama, Dadda, baba (bottle), Hi, dog, ball, bubble, kitty, tickle, and papa. I really need to get him talking on video because it is so stinking cute. His Hi sounds like "high-yah" his 'ball' has an awesome 'h' sound on the end of it, 'dog' is always 'dog dog dog' and whenever he says kitty it's always an octave higher than the rest of his words lol.

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with Grandma Linda, Papa Ray, Ray and Shelly and Noah's cousins Amber and Jenna. Got some cute shots:

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