Sunday, August 12, 2012

Noah's 2nd Birthday Party!!

How could we do anything but a cars theme?? :)

Start Your Engines!

 Papa customized Noah's ride on race car, SO cute!!

 Yay for checkered flag duct tape!!

Super yummy fruit salad Nama Barb made

See Noah grow from one year old to two!

Working at the car wash, yeah!

 Who knew some sponges and a couple of spray bottles would be such a hit?! :)

I didn't really get a great shot of Noah's shirt, it says his name. I loved it so much I asked the maker for the art work, and then created his invites with it!

 Cupcake time!

 I'm glad he didn't cry when I made him eat cake this year!
 Noah was so sleepy he was totally falling asleep as he was eating. Before he even opened presents!

 About to open presents!
 Noah picking up hot chicks with his new "BIKE!" Thanks again Grandma Lawana!
 Noah was so lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family come to his party. Everyone sure knew what he likes, he got so many awesome cars, trucks, and airplane toys and lots of cute clothes.
Best of all, Auntie Denise was there to help him play and celebrate!!

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