Monday, September 3, 2012

First trip to the Zoo!

 Daddy had the fantastic idea to go to the Zoo together today!
 Ready and EXCITED!    Notice the very appropriate Gorilla (chimp?) on his shirt. Connor rocked an elephant on his.
 "Apple!"  Noah thought it was pretty cool that the huge turtle was chowing down on an apple and some lettuce.

 Noah liked the elephants the best. He said wow (which really was more like "whaow!" with like 3 syllables lol) when one of them picked up a small, leafy, tree branch and started munching.  

There is an elephant head sculpture to the right of this sign and Noah pointed at it and said "ele-fan!" :) Apparently they made a lasting impression. 

The big kitties (tigers) and monkeys didn't do much while we where there, lazy bums. The lion didn't even come out of his shady hiding spot.  But we had a great day and I loved spending our 'extra' day off as a family!

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