Thursday, October 18, 2012

Computer Savy

 Noah likes pretending that he is "working" on Mommy's laptop. He also loves pointing to all the cute kiddos while I'm editing, especially if it is a sleeping newborn and then he makes snoring noises.

Noah loves going to educational websites, especially Team Umizoomie.  He seems to be quite the mathematician; he consistently correctly identifies heart, star, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, octagon, and cylinder (!!). He likes to hold up squares and then angle them so they are diamonds. He thinks its funny to switch back and forth quickly as he says the names.    He is getting really good with numbers too, he names the correct number about 80% now from 0-10 and can count with you. I also hear him counting to himself often, but it's not always in the right order.

He really likes to stack cylinders (paper towel rolls, my curlers, etc) and then knock them over.

He definitely gets his math brain from his Dad, none from me!

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