Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th First Swim Class!

Noah went swimming for the first time in a pool today, he is technically in a private class at a friends house with 3 other babies, but he is the youngest and I can't say that he really 'learned' anything. But it was still fun. :) He looked very serious the whole time, he only cried once while we were there, but it was because a dog licked his face like he was steak so I don't really blame him lol. He is so white that I put SPF 50 sunscreen on him, his swim shirt and made him wear the hat. No baby lobsters here!

Proof of the second tooth (please ignore the food on his face and the partial nekked butt).

Some how I didn't realize it was the 20th, I thought it was tomorrow. So HAPPY 10 MONTHS Noah!!! I'll take and post his '10' pictures tomorrow, whoops!

1 comment:

  1. WOW, hitting the pool on his 10 month birthday!
    How fun is that!!.

    Noah needs to work on his tan like his papa Ray.