Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diagnosis: Stereotypy

Video of a longer movement episode taken yesterday:

The video is not sped up, although it looks like it huh? He's got some major ants in his pants!

Noah's pediatrician sent us to Oakland Children's Hospital, to have an EEG brain wave scan done to ensure his episodes are not epileptic. Even before the scan, the neurologist watched the videos I had taken of him and said he was confident they were not seizures. He said that he has complex motor stereotypy (which is not pronounced at all like you would expect lol) They are tic like movements that are intended to self sooth, and he is probably not even aware of them. Even though they look scary/weird, they are completely harmless and he is expected to outgrow them. This is exactly what we needed to hear to stop worrying so we were happy campers leaving!
Noah was such a good kiddo, he didn't fuss or complain about having to be in the crib cage for hours. He did let us know he did NOT enjoy getting the wires taped on or taken off but who would?!

Before the helmet head:

Pretty impressive helmet made of gauze and tape, huh? You can see the snake of wires coming from the back of his head like a pony tail. Noah was a big fan of their phone and the nurse's stethoscope (they let him take one home, so nice!).

Even though the neurologist made me feel a little silly, I still feel positive that having him seen was the right thing to do. The nurses and attending doctors were all wonderful, but I definitely left feeling grateful that our stay was so short. I am very thankful that our adorable, sweet little man is healthy. A little quirky, but healthy.

*I found videos on youtube of other children with complex motor stereotypies which made me feel so much better. Some were far more severe than Noah's, but yet they are healthy kiddos. It was definitely comforting to read.

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