Friday, March 16, 2012

The Busy Board

Noah is a button pusher. He loves light switches and shiny things and he will go out of his way to touch something that looks mechanical. When I saw this 'busy board' concept on Pinterest I knew Noah would love it. After a (not so quick) trip browsing through the aisles of Lowe's and a visit to Papa Ray's garage for scrap wood, Papa was able to put together a very unique toy just for Noah. It has two light switches, two hinges that open and close, a screw with nuts that Noah loves to twist left and right, two spinners, a combination lock and a door stop for sound effects. :) It also has plenty of room for future gizmos and gadgets to be added as we find them.

He really likes it, every time I pull it out for him to play with he makes lots of oohs and ahhs and will play with it for a good chunk of time before I put it away. Then he goes back to his cars that go "brrrrrrrmmmm" :)


  1. that is totally awesome, hand made stuff is always the best anyways...great job! did dad make this?? i love it...Noah is a lucky boy. and i cant wait to move there to be able to see him often.
    Auntie Denise

    1. Hey Sis, yup Papa put it together for him. Noah liked "exploring" dad's garage while he built it hehe