Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Noah LOVES his dog (and yogurt)

Chloe is such a good dog, poor thing will just sit there and let Noah pat her, climb on her, pull her paws, etc. She has never once even growled at him. I guess she thinks it's a fair trade for all the food he drops down to her from his high chair.

In my constant quest to try and find foods that Noah will eat, I grabbed these drinkable yogurt "smoothies." I don't know if he was just extra hungry or if I caught him at the right time or what, but he DOWNED the thing, in seriously like two minutes. He also ate a ton of Kix cereal, half a string cheese and two veggie crackers for his mid morning snack. That's a lot for him. He sure looked cute drinking his yogurt, I think he thought it was awesome that he got to use a straw like a big boy. :)

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