Friday, March 30, 2012


Whoops, it's been a long time since I've updated Noah's blog. A lot has prevented me from having free time lately. James went back to work, which was a big adjustment for us. We loved having Daddy home for the last 6 weeks! I had a birthday, last year in my twenties, yikes!
We're still working on getting Noah to sleep through the night consistently. It seems as though he had nightmares a few nights, he woke up very upset a few times this week. We need to break some bad sleep habits that we've allowed to continue, when Noah wakes up we go in and give him a bottle, rock him back to sleep. We are realizing he needs to learn to put himself back to sleep on his own. We had a few rough nights transitioning to this but hopefully that's behind us now.

Most significantly, we've recently discovered that Noah may have a seizure disorder.
Over the last few weeks, James and I had noticed that Noah would fling his arms to the side, and then bring them back quickly to his lap or chin. He also seems to quickly shake or nod his head to the side slightly. At first we only saw it at night, while he was tired in his crib. Initially I just thought it was something quirky he was doing but it became apparent that he doesn't do it intentionally. I'm not even sure if he is aware of it. Noah's eyes always remain open when I see him doing them, and hopefully it doesn't progress to anything else. If we didn't have the video monitor I don't think we would even be aware of it. But because he has been doing it more frequently - he had "movement" episodes before his nap on Wednesday, the first time I've seen it during the day, I called his pediatrician. He seems to think that the movements are technically seizures, in which his arm muscles are extending and contracting. He explained that we could call them tics, or spasms, but those are still seizures, only minor and not affecting the whole body. The Dr. referred us to a neurologist, which I'm waiting to hear back from to make an appointment, hopefully early next week. He explained they would do an EEG to look at his brain activity, and discuss a plan for going forward. Fingers crossed it's just a tired twitch he will outgrow, just something quirky to look back and laugh about our special and wonderful Noah. :)

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