Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10th Noah's grin

Noah has recently added new arsenal to his cuteness repertoire: grinning. His usual smile is his big open mouthed version, which you can see many examples of in this blog. But sometimes he'll give an adorable grin. I've interpreted it as, he sees the humor in what we're saying/doing, but he doesn't think it is funny enough for a full on smile. And/or he's trying to flirt; either way it is heart-melting.
The only problem is that this grin is quick; too quick to be caught on camera.
Until now. I've almost captured it. Sort of. Well, more like the end of it -the corners are way more turned up when he's full on grinning-but you get an idea of how amazing it is. Love.

oh and isn't his monkey hat just the cutest?? It's big, like size 2 toddler big but its just too cute not to wear in this freezing weather!

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