Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27th First "solids"

James and I have chosen to delay "solid" foods for Noah until he is around 6 months for a number of reasons. This 'delayed' start (all pediatricians recommend starting sometime between 4-6 months) allows his digestive system to become more mature, and hopefully his spitting up will have ceased by then (orange and green spit up? NO thank you!) In addition, rice cereal has essentially no nutritional value compared to breast milk, other than the iron it is fortified with - which is in his vitamins. So we see no need in filling up his tummy with anything other than the natural stuff for now.
BUT we decided to give him a tablespoon of organic rice cereal, mixed with breast milk, this evening after his bath. It is somewhat of a crutch to help get him used to the spoon and it makes for cute pictures. ;)
At first he did not care for it and was confused but then in true Noah style he began to like it. He smiled every time I made the airplane noise. Love.

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