Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16th Noah through Papa's camera

When I was picking up Noah from Grandma and Papa Ray's house this afternoon I stopped to let Noah see Grandma's Tickle Me Elmo. Papa grabbed his camera, zoomed in from across the kitchen and took this picture. Such a sweet expression on his face. Noah loves Elmo.
And Noah loves getting to hang out with Grandma and Papa a few days a week!

~Today is the 50th post!!!~
Wahoo! I should have some sort of giveaway to celebrate. Hmmm...I have some drooly unwashed bibs lying around, or lots of home made sweet potatoes, Noah hugs are always good but you'd have to be present to win those.
Eh, instead how about another picture!

Noah celebrated our 50th post by watching another episode of Mickey's Club House.
(Not very festive, I know, but he likes telling Mikey how to problem solve; he's a good critical thinker.)

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  1. So cute, that's Jenna favorite show too!! I showed her the picture and she was so excited, shouting, "Noah, Mickey Mouse" over and over again. I can't wait for them to watch it together and 'talk about it when it's over'.