Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26th First sleep over!

Noah had his very first sleep over at Grandma and Papa Ray's today!
James had to work and I went to Nicole's bachelorette party in SF.
Noah was a very good boy, and he only needed a bottle once during the night. He loved jumping with Papa, playing with Kylie and cuddling with Grandma. He also had his first experience with a Johnny Jumpup, he loved it! I should pull his out of the closet.
Mommy missed him very much, but the 24 hours I was away from him was a good test run for Mexico next month. And the 7 straight hours of sleep I got was really nice. :)

Both Papa Ray and Papa Jim thought this picture was hilarious. What a naughty stinker ;)
Don't worry Papa, I know you didn't teach him any new tricks, he's been flipping the bird for months now! See:

Thanks Papa for taking these great pictures for the blog!
And Noah says thank you for taking good care of me Grandma and Papa!!


  1. OK family, I was present during the "flip-off", but I didn't really see it until I "saved" the photos (honest!).

    You know... I was wondering if the "grandson" was going to be able to "keep up" with those extra special, super, grand daughters we have. Well... Noah is having no trouble intertaining us as well!!
    What LUCKY grand parents we are to have such amazing grand kids!


  2. hehehe you are too funny Papa. Noah does have some big, super cute, metaphorical shoes to fill. I can't wait to watch him play with all of our beautiful nieces!