Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 27th Jumping bean

Noah loved jumping at Grandma and Papa Ray's house so much that he became a jumping bean over night!
He now tries to 'jump' while I'm changing his clothes, changing his diaper, or even when he is just sitting in his bouncy chair.
So I pulled his Jumper out of his closet this evening.

He thought the toys on it were fascinating.

Jumping at our house isn't as easy as it is at Grandma and Papa's, Noah was slipping and sliding all over the hard wood floor, so I tried putting one of his play mat squares under his feet to give him more traction.

But his feetie jammies were still too slippery, so then we tried naked jumping. That seemed to work a little bit better, Noah was able to get more traction with bare feet.

Noah also laughed at Chloe (our dog) for the first time today. She was being playful, shaking her head back and forth while she had a stuffed soccer ball in her mouth. He was watching her the whole time and when I would say "Chloe get it!" he would laugh, still staring at her. It was super cute, and of course Chloe loved the attention.

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