Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4th Busy day

Today was such a busy day that I forgot to take a picture, so here's a throwback picture from when Noah was less than 2 weeks old (not sure of exact age). I loved these "Snugglesauris" newborn jammies and was sad to have to put them away when they no longer fit him.
Notice his little feet up by his elbows!

Two things about today, First, Noah was a perfect angel while Mommy cleaned the house all day. He rolled around on the floor, sat in his bouncy chair and pretty much entertained himself or was just content watching me. He let me know when he wanted his two naps and James said he was a very good boy at Grandma's while James went to the gym and also at the Gosses' home for their Daddy play date. We are so, so lucky.
Secondly, Noah had his first 'solids' poop today. I opened his diaper and went "whoa!" It was...definitely different...
Now aren't you glad I didn't post a picture of that for today? :)

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