Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th Part III Random month end wrap up

At the end of every month, I transfer our pictures from our camera to the monthly folder on our computer and back them up on an external hard drive....
I took 336 pictures of Noah in February alone. Yikes! I think I need picture takers anonymous.

After watching Noah over night, Grandma Linda texted me with "boy I don't know what you guys did to get such a good boy, he is so sweet." Which made me laugh, and it is so true, we sure do have a sweet boy!

In addition to this blog, James and I also write in Noah's "like" book nightly. It is a journal type book that allows us to jot notes about what we love about Noah, it is silly and fun (example entries "I like the awkward positions you sleep in," "I like the way you shake your fists when you get excited," and James' "I like your oddly long butt crack" LOL) but some are also extremely sweet and I will treasure forever. My favorites of James' are:
"I like the way you make Mommy so happy." And,
"I thought life was good until we had you, then I found out it's awesome." Love.

Goodbye February, bring on March!


  1. If every child in this world was this loved, and fussed over... it would probably be a different world.

    Goose bumps.


  2. SO true!

    I so wish that every child were as loved as Noah is, the world would be a better place, definitely.