Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21st Good eats

Yesterday we spent the day with the Gosses' hanging out and making a freezer stash of baby food. They are wonderful friends and we always love spending time with them. It made all this cooking seem like fun!

I made chicken, brown rice and applesauce meals, chicken and sweet potatoes, carrots and home made banana teething biscuits (the loaf gets cut into strips and rebaked, haven't done that step yet). Tish added carrots, yams, and butternut squash to her already impressive freezer stash, she also cut up a whole lot of yummy fruit that will freeze well.

Noah is going to be eating better than James and I do! Took a few hours but he has 32 ready to go meals, plus fruit, plus some more that wouldn't fit in the containers.

The kiddos hanging out, I love Noah's shirt: ketchup and mustard are saying "What's up dog?" to a hot dog. LOL Auntie Andrea bought it for him I crack up every time I see it, its still a size too big but he still looked cute in it. :)

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